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“The Martin Lewis of theatre deals” - West End Wilma

If you love theatre but struggle to fund your expensive hobby, this newsletter is for you. I love going to see shows and sometimes average two or three trips a week. I constantly get asked how I afford it. Put simply, I keep the costs down.

I’ve spent years refining perhaps my most useful skill - hunting ticket deals and cheap seats. I rarely pay full price or ‘top price’, and I often sit in fantastic seats. Now I’m determined to help anyone on a budget to get their bum on a seat too. Whether you want to see hundreds of shows a year without re-mortgaging your house, or are wondering how the heck you’ll afford taking your family of five to a big West End musical… I can help you!

Theatre should be for everyone, so I’m here to spread the news.

What can I expect?

Every week I’ll curate an email jam-packed with cheaper theatre tickets. This might be discounts, deals and offers, or top tips on where to find cheap full-price seats.

I’ll also throw in a quick round-up of the week’s theatre news, links to competitions and details of when tickets are due to go on sale. There might be a few theatre puns too, apologies in advance.

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Sign up and you’ll get an email every Wednesday, probably around lunchtime unless I get distracted by food (highly likely).

You might also get occasional bonus emails if there’s big discount events or a particularly amazing offer that will end before the standard newsletter hits your inbox.

If there’s a reason I can’t send it out or I’m on holiday I’ll let you know on social media.

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Amazing news, can’t wait to see you! Just sign up below. Remember to check your inbox and confirm your subscription.

Can I work with you?

Absolutely! I’m always happy to review shows and promote discounts in my newsletter. Bums on Seats has a dedicated subscriber list that’s growing constantly, and it boasts a weekly open rate that far exceeds the arts industry average. I can do social content too! Drop me an email and let’s chat theatre…

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